Know Your Car's History - the Chrysler 200

In a consumer-driven society, it can be confusing to try and keep track of where all of the products come from, even the ones we use every day. Your shampoo is owned by a Scandinavian company, and your dog is a European breed. Instead of looking beyond our borders, look for the American import to be your most important purchase this year. Know your car's past, and get in to the 2015 Chrysler 200.

From the front to the rear, outside in, the Chrysler 200 has all the grace and style of an import, but the strength and bold profile that America is known for around the world. A sporty grille under the proud winged badge of the front says it all. For a calm drive, relax into the supportive cushioning of the seats within the soft-touch cabin. For a kick, pop it in to sport mode using the dial shifter and see what modifications can do to a normal commute.

Come in to our Little Falls, NJ dealership today, and take this American import for a test drive.

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