Love it or Hate it, the Jeep Renegade is Coming

Every reformation has its reactionaries. Whether you follow politics or not, the trend is clear: people do not take change willingly. In the modern age of being plugged in and constantly updating to the latest operating systems, we are starting to adjust more quickly, but a stark change can still be difficult to swallow. In the case of the Jeep Cherokee, the recent facelift polarized fans and critics alike. However you think you manage change, prepare yourself for a new addition to the Jeep family lineup: the Jeep Renegade.

The takeaway glance is of a boldly styled, aggressive new vehicle unlike anything we have seen before. The size is surprisingly compact, as this is the ideal vehicle to take you around the block or climb up over some rocky terrain.

Stay tuned, adventure seekers, for when this small warrior of the roads is hitting the pavement around Little Falls, NJ.

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